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Language artists generally showcase their work in some sort of media such as books, newspapers, magazines, internet and television, and usually carry titles such as a authors, copywriters, columnists, journalists, editors or reporters. Public speakers could also be classified as language artists.

Authors of course, write books but are defined more by the type of literature they write, such as a biographer, novelist, poet, or instructor. Playwrites and Screenwriters of course write for the theatre, movies and television.

Songwriters write the lyrics and sometimes the music as well. And lets not forget speechwriters. So if you are a writer or even a wannabe writer, please don't forget what our motto is for this website: Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Known in The West Island.ca

Consider this your invitation to let the West Island know what you do, in a blog, a forum or an article or how about a column? We would like to hear from you! If you have written a book and have published it, send us the title etc and a brief description (max 40 words)and we will promote it for you, our compliments.


If you are calling about a listing in this website, please make a point of mentioning that you saw it in thewestisland.ca
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