Every once in a while, do you feel like you would like to get something off your chest?

That's how I feel today. Since I am just now introducing this category into our community interest section, I am going to take advantage of it and tell you what really burns me up on the internet.

As your website gains good placement in a search or searches, (which is a good thing of course), websites that in their own words are 'self-organizing sites using keywords' start appearing when searches are submitted for your website. These sites are nearly all called 'something' stats.

The appearance of these 'self-organizing sites' usually are found immediately following your website. These sites call themselves a search engine and directory. If you do not 'accept' ownership of their listing of your website, then they feel they can actually print what ever they want about your site. Make the information 'wrong' and they feel they have a better chance of you signing up with them...now that is pretty stupid in my opinion....like you want to sign up with a company that really shoots itself in the foot as far as any credibility goes.

What really does make me madder is that these companies use your site to receive (usually temporary) placement on the internet. By methods of using your keywords and descriptions, and of course the name of your site, they are able to position themselves immediately under your website. That's why you come across these sites under yours temporarily.

They would still be able to get this same placement without the bogus information they offer about your site and they might be able to offer some credibility for what they do. So boo to companies that don't accept any responsibility for what they print!

Well that felt better! Probably boring to most, but if it happens to you, not so boring.

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