My two cents worth!

Got something you would like to say about living in the West Island? How about global warming? How about your last vacation? The price of gas? Let's hear it!

Share your comments...simply email us and we'll publish it right here in our Community Interest section.

Please note: the following interactive pages are not for a review of a specific company or business...ex: if you have a point to make about how long it took to be served in a restaurant, save it for a ratings website, (which we are not and never will be) but if you have a point about the speed limits on some streets, or the price of gas, or something that you think is just plain wrong, lets hear it!

In the near future, provided there are some contributors to these categories...beside me that is! will be able to enter everything on-line, but lets find out if people are interested in contributing first, by just using email. Please do not send comments directly to the people that contribute articles...but do send them to me, It will generally take me a day or two to post them.

Content not deemed appropriate will not be published.

Here is the first of hopefully lots of contributions to what ticks you off about just about anything. Or what makes you happy...but go ahead and grumble if you want. View my two cents worth articles on the right hand panel.
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