Marketing your home-based business

by Mona Andrei

Big or small, corporate or home-based, marketing is a key factor in any business. And if itís a home-based business that youíre growing Ė without the advantages of a high-traffic location and visible sign Ė proper and targeted marketing is even more important!

Following are a few tips on how you can inexpensively market your home-based service or product.

The power of WORD-OF-MOUTH

With word-of-mouth being one of the strongest forms of advertising (and free!), satisfied customers are your best bet for ensuring that the word gets around on your business offering.

Tip: Coupons and brochures make great hand-outs for your existing customers to give to their friends, family members, etc.

One good REFERRAL deserves another

You canít put a price on customer referrals. They serve as a powerful endorsement of your product or service and just like word-of-mouth, donít incur any costs. Are you uncomfortable about asking a happy customer for a referral? Just keep in mind that most people actually enjoy helping others.

Tip: Many business owners develop a script to help them ask satisfied customers for referrals: ďIím so happy that youíre satisfied with my service. Iím always looking for referrals and was wondering if you know anyone who could benefit from my . . .Ē

Today is a good day to NETWORK

When it comes to the home-based business model, you are your businessís mobile marketing campaign. Your local Chamber of Commerce, trade shows and even networking groups all serve as a great way for you to promote your business and meet potential new customers.

Tip: Every day is an opportunity to meet a potential new customer. Make sure your business cards look professional and never leave home without them.

No matter what type of business you run, keeping up-to-date on your industry is just as important as knowing who your customers are. When it comes to your business, you are the expert after all!