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With miles and miles of bike paths and scenic highways in the province of Quebec, it is no wonder we love to get out and feel the wind in our hair...oh oh, that can't be true cause we are all wearing helmets, right?! Well, we certainly love to hit the road to somewhere or nowhere, but usually as fast as we can peddle or as fast as the speed limit permits.

People of every age and weight can ride a bicycle. It helps keep you fit and most gear is relatively inexpensive. After a helmet and maybe a mirror, the rest of the gear is pretty optional.

Motorcyclists require a lot more gear, and they ride in a lot of different types of conditions. Safety gear and equipment is mandatory. Motorcyclists hit the road in more severe weather conditions, so they cannot afford to not be dressed for specific weather situations.

Shopping for gear that requires a fitting should be done in a specialty store and products that do not require it are often found on-line at great prices from local merchants.

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