Back Pain

The number one health care problem in the world!

Nine out of ten adults will suffer from back pain at a certain time in their life. Some will experience one or a few episodes of back pain whereas the majority will be affected regularly with chronic back pain. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Back pain can have its origin from joints, nerves, soft tissue of the spine.

The varied symptoms of back pain can manifest in different manners:

Sharp pain along the spine or neck, upper or lower back Long standing dull pain in low back Numbness and tingling in the legs or feet beginning in the low back or buttock Difficulty in climbing up or downstairs Pain and spasm in the low back while sitting or standing Loss of strength in the legs Cold or swollen feet

A progression of symptoms can manifest itself in repetitive episodes of back pain. The mild stiffness on low back pain can become intense in the lower back area radiating in the buttocks, thighs and toes The back pain can reduce your capacity in accomplishing your normal daily activities.

The back pain can cause a loss of capacity in your normal daily activities such as your concentration at work or your household tasks. The back pain can interfere with your walking capacity and sometimes can have a detrimental effect on your elimination function. With all these symptoms, a lot of people ignore the pain that their body expresses. It is not the right solution!

Consulting a chiropractor can allow you to return to an active life without constant pain. You are not alone! 80% of Canadians will experience low back pain in their lifetime. Back pain can strike anyone regardless of race, religion or age. Some studies suggest that females are affected more with back pain than males generally after the age of 40.

Back pain can be triggered by sudden or repetitive movement or caused by a lack of motion. In certain instances, you will know instantly of your back pain while sometimes it shows progressively. Some people will never know the causes of their back pain.

The causes of back pain are many, here are the most frequent:

Moving heavy objects; Not using your legs while lifting or moving objects; Doing exercises that are beyond your physical condition; Injury during sport activities; Repetitive bad posture; Abnormal standing position over long period of time; Abnormal sitting position at work; Injury from car accidents or fall;

As we just reviewed, the causes of back pain are very diversified. Some people think that the pain will go away by itself. Others know they must have a consultation but do not take the action to consult a chiropractor. Others are afraid as to what the doctor will tell them concerning their back pain. If the back pain is not addressed, it will cause the condition to become more chronic.

In order to improve your back health, your mobility and your well being, you must consult the chiropractor concerning your back pain. Life is too short to spend ten minutes every morning to get out of bed, miss regularly days of work or family activities. If you experience back pain, make your appointment today.