7 Secrets for Using Body Language in Business

By Lynda Goldman

We instantly send messages that speak more loudly than words, using body language or non-verbal communication. Body language communicates powerfully because we are visual creature. We take in much more information with our eyes than with our other senses.

Here are some tips on how to use body language to make a great impression in business, so you connect with your customers.

1. Posture: People who exude class and confidence invariably have great posture. They stand and walk tall. Good posture makes a strong impression because people notice it from across the room. It involves the whole body, not just small muscles. To make a great impression, stand and walk tall.

2. Facial expression: We look at peopleís faces to find out their moods. When your face and words donít match, you send a mixed message. For credibility, make sure your facial expressions match your words.

3. Smile: The smile has a magical quality that is almost impossible to ignore. There is something inside us that responds instinctively to a sincere smile. Smile warmly, and youíll make an instant connection.

4. Eye contact: Without eye contact, communication is almost impossible. Try talking to someone without looking at them. Do you feel any connection? When doing business with North Americans, aim to maintain eye contact about 60-70% of the time to maximize its positive impact. With people from other cultures, you may need more or less eye contact.

5. Hands: People notice other peopleís hands, so what you do with your hands can betray your true feelings. Nervousness often shows in your hands through rubbing or wringing them together, or clasping and unclasping them. To appear calm and relaxed, avoid excessive fidgeting, or rapid, exaggerated gestures.

6. Open or closed posture: Body language can be described as Open or Closed. Open body language welcomes interaction. It involves facing people squarely, and making eye contact. Closed body language is used when people feel threatened or uncomfortable. They withdraw or hide their bodies by using various stances and physical shields for protection.

7. Mirroring: Good communicators naturally mirror peopleís body language. Itís a way of getting in synch. We all use different tones of voice and language when communicating in business from when we talk to close friends or family members. You can easily tone down or ramp up your energy level, rate of speech, and voice tone to make the other person feel comfortable.

You are invited to use these body language secrets to connect in business.

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