The Latest Trend in Video

The way we consume information has changed. We are bombarded with information because it is so readily available. We have become used to finding what we want to know immediately. When we research a subject on the internet we no longer even have to read text. Videos come up and we get what we came for in less than 3 minutes!
So, as business owners, how does that change the way we need to advertise? Stats show us that 70% of global online users watch video. And that companies that implement video strategies correctly have reported more than 2X sales increases, 30% lift in conversion and 19% higher average order value.
As a corporate video production company we agree with those stats. But what we are also seeing is that viewers are quite often not watching linear videos to completion. From my own experience there has been many times that I have stopped a video because... a) poorly produced b) I am not getting the info I came for.
But what if information could be offered in 45 second clips? What if you were able to choose the question you want answered? Would this make a difference in viewer’sengagement?
It seems that yes, offering information in small clips, topic specific, does capture people’s attention. How do I know this? Because of our Interactive video application called Conversational Video.

The key highlights of this application are that you can quickly create your content, you can imbed input fields directly into the video, and you can measure your viewer’s behaviours and therefore adjust the clips and content accordingly.
When you enable your online viewers to interact on your website, you see positive results. Stats show that interactive video captures your audience’s attention 5 x longer. This result isincreased viewer engagement and that translates to betteronline conversions.
Capture your audience’s attention with Interactive Conversational video!
Judith Kolomeir
Video producer, Memoriesfx

Judy Kolomeir is a video producer/director and co-founder of MemoriesFx, a turnkey solution for corporate video productions services. The experienced team of videographers, writers and video editors, make Memoriesfx one of Montreal’s leading video production companies.