West Island Tanning & Tattoo Salons

The winter months are long and cold, making it impossible to enjoy the benefits of the sun. Tanning salons in the West Island can help! In less than half an hour you can enjoy the start of a nice even tan. Many different levels of beds are offered to suit your needs, including stand up beds which give 360 degree coverage.

Tanning salons are a controlled way to get that healthy glow you're looking for without the risk of prolonged exposure to UV rays that you may get outside. Trained tanning professionals monitor your tanning sessions to advise and help you build and maintain your tan. The number one goal is not to ever burn your skin, and a few sessions before a tropical vacation to get a base tan will help prevent the damage that can come from a nasty sunburn.

There are many benefits to UV exposure: improved sleep, increased energy and metabolism, stress reduction through the release of endorphins, while treating seasonal depression and psoriasis.

For those who are afraid of any UV exposure, some tanning salons will have the option of airbrushed or mystic tans, which direct a fine mist of sunless tanning solution onto your skin for a natural even glow. We have included listings for the specialized studios for tattoos included with this category. The growing interest in body decoration by both men and women in the last few years has resulted in tattoo studios (or sometimes referred to as parlors or salons) springing up througout the West Island of Montreal.

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Bronzage Studio Solarium
989 St Jean
Pointe-Claire, QC
Bronzage Suntana
225A Boulevard Hymus
Pointe-Claire, QC
Bronzage Tanamania
4575 Boul. St-Charles
Kustomz Ink Tattoo Inc.
2310 Ch. Herron
Magnum XIII
120 Avenue Saint-Charles
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
Plage Electrik (La)
4408 Boulevard Des Sources
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
Skin Deep Studio
4787 Boulevard Des Sources
Pierrefonds, QC
4883 Boulevard Saint-Charles
Pierrefonds, QC
XS Tatouage & Per├žage
999 Boulevard Saint-Jean
Pointe-Claire, QC
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