West Island Retail Stores & Places

Undeniably, Montreal's West Island communities offer unique and numerous shopping venues. Quaint speciality stores line the streets of many of the communities we call home, while mega shopping centers attract all age groups. Style and selection are evident everywhere. You are sure to find the perfect gift or the perfect fit in our Montreal West Island stores.

In this section you will also find the businesses that might be referred to more as a place rather than a store, such as a center, a dealership, a studio or a gallery. As well, you will find the businesses that cater exclusively to a specific audience such as men, women, teens, kids or pets. We will build more categories within this section as we start to solicit advertisers.

The West Island has everything to offer when it comes to retail. Support our local merchants and shop in the West Island! Watch for our advertisers sales in our events calendars and make a point of checking out our articles. Some are written by our advertisers, some are really fun videos to make you smile, and hopefully you will find that some or all of them grab your attention!

If you inquire about a service or a product from the listings on the following pages of this website, please mention that you saw it in thewestisland .ca

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