West Island Community Causes

This entire section is about cause and effect or maybe causing an effect is more accurate. It is about the non-profit associations that need people that are determined to help others in various ways, be it through fundraising, volunteering, and about the treatment of others.

West Island has a community of volunteer associations offering support in many different ways, like driving a senior to a doctor's appointment, or teens taking the time to spend an afternoon with children in the hospital. Just examples, but I am sure you know and probably admire someone who gives of their time for a cause. Have you ever thought that you might like to do the same?

With all the different types of volunteer and support groups in the West Island, it could be very hard to decide how you would like to help. May we suggest the following ways to go about learning how you can help and what associations might be the best choice for you.

The VOLUNTEER SERVICES are the associations that provide training for people who wish to become a volunteer. They can inform you of what is needed as a volunteer for the different types of support groups in the West Island. They can also refer you to where your personal knowledge, skills, experience and your desire to help, and your time frame to do so, would be most suited.

The FUNDING SERVICES are the support groups who assist in providing funds for many of the non profit groups in the West Island. Business professionals volunteer their time, expertise and company resources to support local organizations and truly demonstrate social responsibility at work.

The WEST ISLAND COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTRE (found in OTHER SERVICES) is a group that provides assistance and literature of the resources available in the West Island and in some cases of surrounding areas as well. These resources include but are not limited to: education, emergency services, employment, financial, government services, health, housing, legal, recreation and social services.

On the following pages of this website you will see listings and ads for the various volunteer agencies arranged by the services they provide. To the left are the categories of services, but please make a point of visiting all of them. The center column has listings that contain a star that reads 'see my ad'. Simply click on the star to see it. Our purpose is to show you the information about their services as well as links to their website, emails and social media. In the right hand column are listings of groups that at present do not have a website or are ones that describe a specific service of a support group that has many specific services listed elsewhere in community causes.

If you are a member of a West Island not-for-profit association and are not listed in this site, feel free to give me a call at 514-426-5647 and we can arrange to get it listed!

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