West Island Entertainment and The Arts

This category is divided into three sections, uniquely related. People learning and developing their passion, by taking instruction, coaching, or attending a school devoted to taking you to the next level. With an age range from young children to adults, there is a class, a course, an association or a school to develop that passion. Talent will focus on individuals or in some cases, groups or companies, from the artistic fields, presenting a showcase of their achievements along with a biography to know about them.

Find that talent in each of the three fields of artistic expertise...the visual arts, the performing arts and the language arts. Find the schools that teach the programs that enrich the expression of these passions. Beside the arts, you will find listings for the physical fields of talent, such as gymnastics, karate, hockey, figure skating, horse back riding, skiing, scuba diving, boating and other sports.

Please note that listings for the private and public school systems in the West Island Community Resources section, which is found on the home page.

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